About EArise

About EArise

EArise Consulting, your partner in consultancy

” Organizations are more efficient and long-lasting when their people are committed  “


In the early 90’, Martine and Jean Chaillet start a career of managers and consultants.

They develop gradually a strong belief: the main assets of a company are people.
Both of them start to put their conviction into practice: with their team and with their clients. They do with instead of doing for.

They worked on an international level in Europe, Asia, North America and North Africa.

They started to build a network of high level expertise. This professional network is now located in 16 countries in 4 continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Their main partners are Quaternaire and Optim Ressources.

Recently Martine and Jean founded EArise in Bangkok to develop the market in Asia and to be the local unit for worldwide roll outs.


The founders

Martine Chaillet

Organized and methodical, I have a strong thirst to learn. I like discovering new theories, new approaches in various fields (from theories about social and business organization, development of the human being, vision to neuro sciences…) and put them into practice.

I have a true passion for human and humanity.

I have been as well operational and strategic manager (in the medical field) and consultant.

16 years ago, I was trained and certified in business coaching and team building;  I built my own company in France to support leaders and teams as a coach, trainer and consultant to help them to be more performant, successful and more fulfilled.

I will be pleased to support you in your challenges around leadership, vision & strategy and change management.

Jean Chaillet
Definitively focused on customers, I love human relationships, project dynamics, business development and innovation.
I worked internationally as consultant, business developer, BU manager, new business & digital innovation Director, CEO, in different sectors. During these 25 years I addressed challenges like well-being & lifestyle, or sport & performance.
I will be pleased to help you on sales or customer service issues, as well as business consultant and sport coach.

Core values

We use innovative methods such as Lifestyle Assessment, TOC, Cooperation games, Innovative Project Methodologies, Visioning…
Co-building our intervention with you is a major key success factor. We are committed to working with you and help your teams being active and involved
We analyze your subject globally to better design and target our intervention. We are very pragmatic and help you translate strategies into action plans
Because you are unique and have specific needs, we will build and adapt your solution step by step


We support our clients in a pragmatic way and on the field

  • We co-build with you step by step,
  • We adapt according to the actual field conditions, to your current status, constraints, environment
  • We are supporting you on the field, on strategic points.

We have innovative methods that we adapt to your business reality to build tailor-made solutions

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