Coaching and Mentoring

improve the performance and the skills of your managers

Coaching and Mentoring

Individual coaching and mentoring offer a space where managers stand back, acquire new keys to interpretation and develop innovative and appropriate solutions. It helps them operationally in their stakes. For a global and long lasting development of managers.

Challenges of your managers and needs to be supported

Challenge #1 : The world is moving very fast, the managers have difficulties in analyzing situations and in building on the average and long term.

… They need a place to talk about their difficulties, their stakes and to find new and efficient solutions

Challenge #2 : They are asked to question and to reinvent themselves, to increase constantly their individual and collective performance…
…. and they need to become aware of their resources, their potential and to develop them.

Challenge #3: They have to motivate, commit their team while having sometimes difficulties in finding meaning in their job, in the changes.
… and they need to be listened and to find new motivation, new energy to remain efficient and to enjoy working.

Challenge #4: They are promoted

… and need to work on their strengths, their weaknesses, their stakes, their positioning, the relationships with their team, their new missions, their action plans.

Our answer

The individual coaching is an individual and custom-made support.

  • It is a stimulating place where the manager can stand back and think about the average and long term. He can also express himself in a protected environment.
  • It helps to develop innovative approaches: thanks to relevant lighting, managers acquire new keys for reading; it opens the way to new, innovative, custom-made solutions
  • It is a place of training: these solutions are explored in session and tested on the ground. They become operational, for the manager and for his team.

What are the different steps of a coaching? How does it work?

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