Optimize your organization


Our specificity : EArise senior consultants have a double experience as managers in companies and consulting. They all are highly experimented experts in their fields and in the same time very pragmatic and operational.
  • We will build with you the support you need, at key points.
  • We have experimented and innovative approaches and tools. We use them to make a diagnosis of your organization, your needs and to help you finding a solution
  • You will benefit for global and operational advice
  • We support your managers, project managers and employees to develop their skills, succeed in their challenges and be fully committed
Fields of intervention
  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Operational excellence
Examples of missions

Project team in Hong Kong

  • Stakes were to apply the corporate project process on this remote team and to develop their skills
  • The mission was organized within 6 months (1 or 2 days every 6 weeks), mixing training, audit, support on steering committee, risk analysis on the fields, etc

Vision, strategy and action plan for a BU based in Thailand

  • stakes were to project the BU in 10 years and define vision, ambition and strategy
  • we began interviewing face-to-face key people representing the different stakeholders
  • Then we organized workshops gathering the different stakeholders. With collaborative and creative tools they produced vision, ambition and strategy
  • Finally they even built together action plans for the 3 coming years

Consulting, coaching & team-building ordered by the supervisory board, high tech industry

  • stakes were to define new KPIs to increase profitability and develop the turnover
  • we began by a double audit, on the activity and on the leadership. We identified key issues, and leverages to fulfill the goals.
  • we organized some cross-functional workshops to address every challenge, to produce ideas and concrete action plans.
  • On another side we ran a team building with the operational board to strengthen their cooperation, regulate the conflicts, and make them collectively committed. They produced a common vision and strategy.
  • In parallel we coached the CEO
  • As a result the company became profitable, processes were set up, and 2d round of investors could join trustfully.