Enriched training

strengthen the skills of your team

Enriched Training

We will build with you the training you need.

Our specificities: experimented programs we adapt to your reality to build tailor made solutions / enriched training
  • We have built, experienced and constantly improved for years programs around management, professional development, communication, change management, operational excellence and customer focus
  • But as you are unique, we will work with you to well understand your needs, build a tailor made answer that will correspond to YOUR needs.
  • Furthermore, as the time before, during and after training is important, we propose you enriched training for all those moments.
We will design with you:

pre training: on-line documents, questionnaires….
training session: X days in X sessions, additional e-learning if needed
post training: individual or collective coaching, on-line documents, quizz, videos, food for thought

Examples of tailor-made enriched training programs

On managing people

Advanced management trainings for Top Managers

  • Take a new posture as a coach as well as a manager, develop leadership, improve team commitment and autonomy, be=er support and accelerate change
  • 2 x 3 days, with many exercises of peer coaching between trainees. Questionnaires before, between and quiz after sessions. Movies, articles and role plays during sessions.Improve managerial practices, nursing managers in a hospital

Reinforce the managerial culture by developing collaborative practices and behaviors of the field managers in relation with their teams and the other services of the hospital

  • 3 days, partly in the field training

Cross generational communication

  • Understand the different generations working together, and be able to better collaborate
  • 2 days + 1 evening, program co-leaded with the client with internal live testimonials, questionnaires, role plays, movies. intervention of theater teacher.

On strategy and change

Develop cross-functional skills

  • Development of cross-functional competencies, habits, culture, build more cooperation between the different departments of the Business Unit
  • 2 days, with the objective to achieve different collective challenges (project launch, risk analysis on a transversal sensitive issue, change to prepare)

Change management

  • Change of managers’ and teams’ behaviors, help them become ready to change, learn specific methods and tools
  • 2 intensive days. Trainees faced with a real change. They have to succeed and present
    the results to the board at the end of the training

How a strategy come true

  • Decrypt all features that lead to a successful roll-out of a strategy, avoid classical risks, get a method to involve people
  • 1 + 1 days, first to define the right recipe of a successful deployment, second to apply on real (including new organization, action plans, communication, KPIs)

More than 50 people involved at the same Cme, 5 consultants + internal leader(Chairman of the company)

On operational excellence

Problem-solving method

  • Implement a new problem-solving method (8D), in order to use it regularly
  • 2 + 1 days, first to practice method and tools on real issues but in the training room, second to participate to real 8D meetings at different stages (listening, help, feedback)

Prepare project managers to PMI exams

  • Improve competencies of the project managers in order for them to pass PMI exams
  • Different programs, from 1 to 3 days, regarding fundamentals of projects, planning and Gantt chart, costs, risks, team bonding…

Customer game

  • Develop customer first spirit, skills and reflexes
  • Different programs, mainly from 1 to 2 days, exclusively based on games (with a gameboard, or on real with customers)