Team Building and Workshops

increase the performance and the cooperation of your team

Team Building and Workshops

Challenges of managers

They need being able to rely on teams that are effective and committed to face an unstable and complex environment.

And for that, they need to:

  • accompany effectively their teams in changes
  • strengthen the performance and the cooperation within their teams
  • build a shared vision
  • overcome resistances
  • strengthen their leadership

Our answer

Team building, team coaching, workshops and seminars act on 2 main levers that generate excellence:

  • dynamics : teams learn to work together, in-collective intelligence, gather around values, common objectives, make a commitment on decisions taken collectively.
  • cohesion and cooperation: moments of sharing around very important topics, the true meeting between people and the regulation of the disagreements develop cohesion and cooperation

According to your goals, we will propose :

Team building

Team building is focused on cohesion and dynamics.
Generally, it lasts between 1 and 3 days.
Some individual interviews can be done before.
We mix exercises to reinforce cohesion and exercises around the operational content.

Team coaching

Team coaching is also focused on cohesion and dynamics.
The difference with team building is that team coaching is a continuous process.
We follow teams for 6 months or 1 year: for example 1 or 2 days starting session – then 1 day or half a day every month or 3 months.


Workshop usually lasts 1 day.
A greater nombre of people attend to a workshop.
Action and operational content are more important than cohesion.


During a seminar, we often ask a client or an expert to come and speak about a project, a specific point, an experiment.
The purpose is to give new information, knowledge, open mind of the team to make them think differently and produce together new ideas, make new decisions…
Action and operational content are also more important than cohesion.
The team is then working on the subject.

To know more….

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