Team Coaching – Team Building

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“A big change was forecasted in our company. A starting training session about change management allowed us to have common knowledge and common language about change dynamics. Regular support helped us to better prepare and then manage the change. We lived it with more serenity and efficiency. “

“Our environment had changed… so had our job. We needed to work together on our mission, specificities and then on our ambition and strategy. Several workshops allowed us to work on those points in a creative way. That gave birth to innovative ideas and decisions we all made together.”

“We had strong disagreements
for more than 2 years within
the board. Thanks to 2
regulation sessions, we
succeeded in telling us things
constructively. We agreed on
a behavior mode.
We needed some more
sessions to really make
decisions together but now
the board is efficient and

“The company decided to
create an international
network on a strategic topic. I
was the brand-new manager
of this team. We have co
hosted 3 meetings. The goals
were to know each other,
think about the mission of the
network and about the way
we felt like working together.”

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Team building, team coaching: what is it?

Team coaching and team building is the support of a team in its entirety with a goal of collective success and collective growth.

Team coaching vs team building?

Team coaching is a long-term team support (several sessions during 3, 6 months or 1 year)
Team building is a short intervention (between 1 and 3 days)

Act on 2 main levers that generate excellence

Dynamics : teams learn to work together, in collective intelligence, gather around values, common objectives, make a commitment on decisions taken collectively.
cohesion and cooperation:
moments of sharing around very important topics, the true meeting between people and the regulation of the disagreements develop cohesion and cooperation

Choose your main goal of your team coaching /building (and explore the 4 dimensions)

Choose if you want to mainly work on:

  • an operational topic, ie: how to improve a process, better communicate
  • the regulation of relationships, ie: better work together, know how to solve disagreement, new functioning mode
  • training: development of new skills together
  • vision: co-elaboration of vision, mission, values, ambition

What are the different steps of a team coaching / building?

 First Step: meeting and exploration

Meeting with the manager and HR to:
– share information about context and goals of the support
– define the main dimension of the support (operation, regulation, training or vision)
– give information and answer questions

Contract with objectives and framework for action

Second Step: Co-elaboration of the steps and dynamics of the team coaching / building

– define the objectives, the content of the different steps, their timing and their dynamics (playful, creative, more conventional)
– identify the roles of the coach and the roles of the leader
– speak about the key factors of a team coaching / building

Third Step: Team coaching / building

– the team coaching / building follows the different steps identified in step 2
– priority is however given to what happens during the support; that can modify the different steps (new contract with the leader)

Fourth Step: Feedbacks

– for team coaching: frequent and regular feedback with the
– for team building: feedback just after and 1 month after the
workshop to share around:
• progress of the team
• points for attention
• new steps to forecast