Strengthened leadership

Change management
- Strengthened leadership -

Leadership is usually questioned during a change (« do they tell us the truth? », « they hide us something », « do they know where we are going? »…). Yet, employees need a powerful and reassuring leader.
Work on individual (leader) and collective leadership (leading team) is another key success factor during a change

For a powerful and reassuring leadership

Our specificity: our double experience as managers and coaches for a greater efficiency

Our experience as managers and coaches allows us to support leaders in a pragmatic and efficient way.

We support leading teams and leaders with:

  • training sessions like « strengthen your leadership », « the right posture to well manage changes », « improve your assertiveness », « communicate efficiently during changes »…
  • individual and collective coaching

To know more about leadership during changes


“The company I built 10 years ago was about to live (and then was living) a great change.


With my leading team, we were supported (1 day 1/2 to start and several 1/2 days sessions) for:

– giving an inspiring meaning to change,
– well communicating before and during change,
– keeping a reassuring, accurate and positive posture during change.


I also decided to be coached myself!”

“Before the change we were living, I had a problem of leadership. Indeed, I was either too close to my team, either too far.


During the change, I truly had to solve this problem.

My team need to be reassured and guided.


I decided to be coached. I mainly worked to improve my assertiveness and my posture.”

“We were trained collectively, to better support our teams during change.
The main purposes was to learn and to train about:

– the right posture to have during change
– how to overcome breaks”