From vision to action plans

Change management
- From vision to action plans -

What is EArise approach in terms of vision?


“We are a community of developers. We decided to meet to develop common projects and to help each others. But it lacked us the vision of « what we wanted to do from this community ».
With innovative and creative tools (drawing, story telling, brainstorming…) we have defined:
• what gathered us
• what are the specificity of our community
• what we wanted to produce together
• and what organization we have to settle to reach our vision”

“We were a very dynamic start up.

After some years, we had 50 employees and our growth begun to slow down.

After an audit, we were told that people needed a clear vision.

With my board, we have defined our vocation and our missions. It was a very great moment. Not easy but great.

Then we defined our ambition and strategy.

We presented the vision to the teams and organized workshops to roll out the vision on the field.”

“After merger, we were 2 companies with 2 different cultures, values, organizations, functioning…
To be performant and coherent and to commit people, we had to co-build a new and shared vision.

We have worked on the past: on the history, the values, the culture of each company. What we wanted to keep.

Then we worked on the future: what did we want to

We co-built a shared vision: vocation, missions and values
Then we worked on a new organization and rolled out the vision on the field”