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Individual coaching offers you a space where you can stand back,
acquire new keys to interpretation
and develop innovative and appropriate solutions.
It helps you operationally in your stakes.

Challenges you can face

Challenge #1 : in a  world that is complex and is moving very fast, you have make decisions 

–> You need a place to step back, talk about your difficulties, your stakes, to find new and efficient solutions 


Challenge #2 : You are asked to question and to reinvent yourself, to increase your performance.
–> You need to become aware of your resources, your strengths, your potential and to develop them.


Challenge #3:  You have to motivate your team while having  difficulties in finding  purpose in your job
–> You need to find new motivation, new energy to remain efficient and motivated, to give purpose to your team.


Challenge #4: You are promoted

–> You need to work on your strengths, weaknesses, your positioning, your new missions and action plans.


How we can support you

The individual coaching will provide you an INDIVIDUAL AND CUSTOM-MADE SUPPORT. 


You will find a STIMULATING PLACE where you can stand back, express yourself in a protected environment.


You will DEVELOP INNOVATIVE APPROACHES: thanks to relevant lighting, you  acquire new keys for reading; it opens the way to new, innovative, custom-made solutions


You will also find a PLACE OF TRAINING: these solutions are explored in session and tested on the ground


Learn more about corporate coaching

What are the different steps of a coaching? How does it work?

Some testimonials

“I have always been an entrepreneur. At this time, I just built a business with my brother. Because of some personal and professional issues, I had lost my self confidence and had a problem of positioning with my employees and of leadership with my brother. Little by little, I understood the situation, released the pressure, rebuilt my self confidence and strengthen my leadership.”

“I had a promotion. The coaching helps me find the right positioning, the appropriate behavior with my former colleagues. It was an efficient lever at this period.”

“I was managing my team for 2 years. I had some problems to say no, to make decisions, to set boundaries. I was tired and became irritable. During the coaching sessions, I had the time to think about my fears, what I wanted to change.

I needed this protected environment to train myself. Little by little, I experimented my new skills on the field.

Now, I am more self confident and my relationships with my team, my boss and my colleagues are far better.”

Focus on our PCM approach

PCM is a great method that we can propose in a coaching session.