Lifestyle Assessment

- EArise Lifestyle Assessment -

More than 250 000 people trusted our lifestyle assessment combined to a cutting-edge sensor technology.
And they experienced a real improvement in their daily life.

A Lifestyle Assessment: what is it?

What are the benefits of a Lifestyle Assessment? As seen by employees…

Give your employees a tool to better manage their stress, enhance their recovery and exercise right.

And experiment how it is reflected on the whole organization.


Our unique heart rate variability analysis reveals how the body reacts to daily life 24h. EArise Lifestyle Assessment will bring you a better comprehension of the well-being at work, not according to the feeling of the employees but according to real data from their body.


With easy-to-read indicators, your employees will be able to set up practical and simple solutions to manage stress, increase their focus, sleep better and exercise right.
They will feel more energetic and focused at work.


Used for a team, the lifestyle solution is a starting point to work on more global objectives: cooperation, communication, management, changes…


Wellness programs can directly benefit to the results of your company.
Regarding your needs, we can help you define the right program.


Because the key balances as “private life and work “, ” stress and recovery ” or ” productivity and fatigue ” are not easy to manage, we propose you a solution for one to several thousands of people.


EArise presented the Lifestyle Assessment solution during sustainability for business