Operational excellence – customer focus

Operational excellence
- customer focus -

Our organizations grow, departments and services develop their skills and processes, we focus on huge stakes and challenges … and sometimes we forget (a little!) the customers.

This is as statement many top or middle managers face regularly. And it is hard to move against, as this flow is natural.

We are here to help!

The voice of the customers

We operate audit, mystery shopper actions, customer studies, NPS operations (Net Promoter Score), internal transversal focus groups on customers.

And we work hand in hand with you to translate all these materials and external information into concrete gap analyses and direct-action plans.

NPS Net Promoter Score

Customer focus organisations

We run more than 30 missions each year on this field:

  • How to serve customers better, implementing customer promises at the beginning and following it during all your industrial process
  • Reduce non-valuable tasks regarding the customers’ needs
  • Replace internal “customer-supplier” relationship to common external customer focus
  • Take care of low signals
  • Accelerate the treatment when a customer issue is real
  • Apply 8D to improve thanks to customers returns and company failures

The KANO Model

Customer first programs

SOMFY Customer First Gameboard

Customer focus is not only a matter of processes, but even more an habit and a mindset to develop as individuals and at company level.

Some of our clients understand this point and know that to perform better they need a mindset transformation.

We develop specific approaches, games, seminars, internal networking challenges, traversal groups.

With one single objective: make your people constantly think customer, and act as if they had your customers in front of them.

These programs are mainly plural-annuals, and involve all the organization and the people, from the Top Management to each operational (back office as well as front office, in factory as well as in the headquarters).

Examples of recent missions

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) operations and comparisons in 7 different countries (Europe & Asia), global & local action plans to improve – Industry
  • Mystery shopper & customer focus improvement program, in different agencies in Thailand – Education
  • Design of a customer first program, including a game, a set of 10 standards to apply. Roll-out in 25 countries (15 000 people) thanks to the local management, EArise providing “train the trainers” programs, individual coaching and hotline during the deployment – Industry
  • “How to change from patient to customer logic?” … operational support for this specific program belonging to a private high-end clinics Group, in several places in Europe
  • Redesign all the processes to erase non-relevant activities and put energy and resources on those which have a real impact on customers – Services area
  • Create specific accelerators within the organization to take care or customers issues as top priorities – Bank & Insurance Group
  • 8D training to help people better focus on customers when they deal with problem-solving methods

With our services...

World roll out (deployment) twice faster than scheduled
employees following customer first program through us think they have won customer spirit
managers believe their employees are far better customer oriented on follow up measurements