Operational excellence – industrial performance

Operational excellence
- Industrial Performance -

We are specialists of Industrial Performance, with 30 years expertise and our experts have been involved both as operational managers during years, and consultants (internal / external).

The well-known fishbone!

TPM, VSM, LEAN, 6 SIGMA, 5S, 8D / problem solving methods, SMED, Kanban, Kaizen, Mudas … are some of the methods and tools we daily use to help you to perform better:

  • Increase your productivity
  • Optimise your PPM
  • Reduce stocks, non-quality products, material losses
  • Improve security at each level
  • Apply SIM (Short Interval Management) and visual management as a daily practice
  • Accelerate flows and processes
  • Support you on re engineering of plants, ensure the best ROI possible
  • Set up new production lines
  • Put improvement management system as a mindset and common reference among your people
  • Modify behaviors as well as rules, towards a more efficient organization

We work on plants, production lines, supply chains, operational processes. And we also apply these methodologies to support services (IT, Finance, Marketing, HR) and others like sales or after sales.

Links between 8D tool and SIM (Short Interval Management)

We support you on your real needs, following key principles:

  • Choose with you the most accurate set of methods and tools.
    • Regarding your history, your culture, your expertise
    • Taking into account the specificity of your business
    • Adapting to your previous habits and results
    • Because there is no ideal tool or method to apply, and it will be an error to think so
  • Support you on the field.
    • Define challenging objectives and action plans to succeed
    • Focus on quick wins as well as on medium-term leverages
    • Work hand in hand with your operators, technicians, operational managers
    • Limit our support on essential topics, reducing consultancy costs and engaging your own teams
    • Focus on stakes, risks, interfaces, customers value-added activities, improvement zones, gap analysis
  • Engage your people.
    • Be sure actions make much sense
    • Develop skills and expertise
    • Choose the right rituals, and implement them successfully
    • Caring and requirement at the same level

SIM Daily Meeting in an industrial plant

  • Make every result an asset for your future.
    • Focus on the right battles / actions, avoid noise / unnecessary tasks
    • Once achieved, ensure your teams and your systems can reproduce the success
    • Engage on a continuous improvement system
    • Challenge the KPIs, to keep the best ones and avoid time-consuming at filling in indicators

Examples of recent missions

  • Roll out of an 8D training program in several Asian plants of a worldwide Group: 2 days training including working on a real issue the teams face + 1 day 6 to 8 weeks after to check the results and end the 8D (8th step of the method)
  • Week seminar in Thailand on industrial excellence tools, co-leaded with our client expert. We helped this client a few years ago to define the main leverage tools for the operational performance. Then we trained core teams and trained the local trainers. Now we support them on an advanced program to go further
  • Benchmark of performance of plants located in India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Creation of an innovative approach combining audit by us, peer analyses, sharing practices seminars, KPIs common dashboard and IT tools to apply (to ensure the way the KPIs are collected)