Operational excellence – project management

Operational excellence
- project management -

Reaching the best QCD (Quality, Cost, Lead Time) ever is a huge stake every Project Manager faces. In addition, you want involved and engaged teams, satisfied stakeholders, and obviously delighted customers!

We support you on 4 main topics:

  • Co-develop or optimize with you a set of process, methods and tools to lead to Project Management standards and common references.
    • Describe process and main activities, but also define the accurate gates to organize
    • Close focus to put the right tools at the right moment, keeping things simple and managing risks at the same time
    • Co-create templates, check lists, dashboards, …
    • Apply standard Project Management tools as well as more innovative ones, such as Agile Methodology, or CCMP (Critical Chain Project Management)

Project Check List

  • Support your Project Managers to master their projects and obtain the best results.
    • Train them to develop their skills and knowledge
    • Training can address general topics, also project leadership, costs analysis, risk management, planning optimization, cooperation within different teams, relationship with suppliers on development products projects, …
    • Come and work hand in hand on the field, directly on the projects
    • Help prepare and pass the gates, stand the main issues, succeed on critical steps
    • Accelerate some changes on projects when necessary

Life Gantt Chart in progress

  • Help you develop a culture of project management within your organization
    • Create leaflets, games, tools to enhance project management culture
    • Co-construct modules to develop the culture, involve your teams, reinforce people commitment
    • Roll-out programs, locally or on a worldwide level
    • Participate to key meetings, co-organize with you special events, invite speakers and experts to tell you the way they think and act on projects,…

A project meeting team in China

  • Take the high ground and monitor your projects portfolio
    • Help you define the right KPI to follow, and how to collect them accurately
    • Participate to your steering committees, give you feedback to improve
    • Audit projects you ask us to, each time willing to develop people skills as well as to reduce risks and increase efficiency
    • Support you to take the best decisions with a global perspective, and align your projects and leaders with your Company strategy and values

Examples of recent missions

  • Adaptation of worldwide Corporate Project Management standards to a remote project team operating as a joint venture in China
  • Audit of Projects in all Asia, with a triple objective to enhance quality over strategic projects, to challenge senior PM (Project Managers) on their practice, and to train the teams on the field to reinforce their expertise
  • Creation of a set of tools and templates to facilitate the daily works of project teams in Singapore
  • Participation of Project Steering Committees in Hong Kong, and improvement feedback
  • Many training in several countries, both for junior project managers, projects teams, and senior PM
  • Team-bonding of specific Project Teams in Thailand (launching phase or after reorganization)
  • Mentoring program to Digital Project Managers (regular meetings and focus when needed)
  • Regular support to several IT Project Managers (monthly + at specific moments)