Operational excellence – Quality / QSE Management system

Operational excellence
- QSSE programs & Management System -

Early 1980s the Quality programs were more TQM (Total Quality Management) and global approaches. Then some standards appeared (ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, etc), and sometimes procedures took the lead on processes.

Hopefully these past ten years Management Systems regain priority on strategic plans.

On the edge of the Quality approaches since the 80s, we always considered those programs as systemic ones.


If you want to become EFQM champion or to apply your own Management System, we can help up do so!

A systemic approach above all

100% of our missions take place with the objective that QSSE programs help you realize your goals and improve your realisations.

We support our clients to excellence, highlighting key topics such as:

  • Align of objectives and processes
  • Master the main risks at each floor of your company
  • Follow and learn from the right few KPIs you need
  • Keep simple and operational
  • Practice, celebrate successes, immediately correct errors
  • Apply virtuous continuous improvement system
  • Balance between quick wins and medium-term action plans
  • Involve and engage your people, improve their skills and commitment

Starting from your status… to climb higher

You always have a QSSE system. Not perfect, sometimes not well written / documented, but you have existing things.

First, we analyse with you what should be maintained, promoted, enhanced, changed, created. Secondly, we define the path regarding your stakes, your current position, your resources. Then we support you on the way to higher performance.

Step by step is essential to keep people on board. Challenging objectives is key to lead to the success.

Examples of recent missions

  • Audit of all remote subsidiaries (APAC) and action plans to engage each of them towards the Group Standards defined in North America – insurance company
  • Quality culture training for the Department of Clinical Research, to impulse a common quality culture and move to ISO 9001 approach – hospital & clinic area
  • Development of a network of 50 Quality Relays (EMEA and AMPA), with great enthusiasm of the participants and creation of an “internal community” – food industry
  • Design and deployment of an integrated Quality-Safety-Environment management system (Global Group, all over the world), among them 3 focuses on ISO 9001-2025, ISO 14001, and continuous improvement. – raw material transformation sector
  • Deploy performance management to accompany the ISO 9001 certification process – logistics
  • Transformation of the quality control culture of an international Group: project over several years, with steps such as top management alignment and cooperation between worldwide teams, construction of a management system consistent with the associated processes and animation, deployment of the management system and supporting the change management (game, social networks, …), design of a serious game to support the change process…
  • Support the project “Together at the heart of workprojects safety”, in order to renew involvement of agents through participatory animation, decrease conflicts with IRPs, implement a transversal action plan – energy
  • Assist the teams in the transformation of the reception desks during the renovation of the different agencies, and promote new quality standards at the same time – banking
  • Excellence TPM program (Total Productive Management), involving proximity managers and field operators. Direct quick wins approach combined with a balanced scorecard to benchmark the different sites all over Europe – food industry