Operational excellence – theory of constraints

Operational excellence
- Theory Of Constraints -


TOC (Theory of Constraints) is a systemic approach to improve operational excellence. It can be used in many kind of organisations, and for example we realised missions in Industries, High Tech, IT, Services, Hospitals, etc

Thanks to the TOC you will better coordinate and align your main actions, as it gives you a unique method for that.

You will:


  • Define (re-define, validate) the main goal of your service, BU, organization, company
  • Analise the limits of your organization, identify the constraints that prevent you to reach your goals
    • Apply 5 steps to manage the constraints with the DBR (Drum / Buffer / Rope) tool
  • Do it on successive iterations to cover all main aspects
Based on the works of Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the TOC is a complementary methodology to other nowadays well-known, such as Lean, 6 Sigma…

It covers different fields:

  • Steering of Constraints: to run your activities and organization looking for the global optimum, and taking into account flows, processes, priorities and action plans, improvement management system, etc
  • Throughput accounting: to avoid errors and help you take the right decisions based on a financial innovation approach
  • Thinking processes: problem-solving methods and tools, and the root causes tree analysis (CRT Current Reality Tree), very powerful tool
  • Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) : innovative approach to better manage your projects, be sure to respect the deadlines, erase unnecessary tasks, follow the right operational KPIs, easier engage your project team

Examples of recent missions

  • All TOC missions are confidential, and we cannot detail them
  • In our use cases you can find some examples our customers agreed to share
  • We run between 5 and 10 TOC missions each year, reaching more than 50 references over the past years
  • Among the current missions are …