Design of new processes

Strategy and Change
- Design of new processes -

With change come processes evolution. Some processes have to be changed, others to be given up others need to be created.
Too many processes and your organization will not be agile enough. Too few processes and you will lack of structure… you have to find the right balance.

Give appropriate new structure when changing with EArise Consulting!

Our specificity: structured and well-experimented tools and approaches but also pragmatism and presence on the field.

  • We have structured methodologies to make your teams produce new processes like TOC, Project Management Tools, Process Design Thinking, Decision-Making Bodies transformation, etc…
  • We are also very pragmatic and operational; we are present on the field, on key points. To give you the right impulse on the first steps, and support on the way things and processes are clarifying.
  • Every time we think into 2 ways: “how to make things simple”, and “how to fulfill customers expectations the best ever but no more”.

Design, describe, apply new relevant and efficient processes become an easy, fast and committed task for your teams.

EArise approach in terms of new processes design


“Finally, we did it!


Our challenge was to still respect our multiple certifications (among them ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) and at the same time simplify what became a daily nightmare for our operational teams.


The change we defined and put in action came with new culture of flexibility and innovation.


EArise helped us on the field to redesign and simplify our internal standards, and keep be ahead from competition.”

“We were stumped by a big issue: “how to redesign your processes lighter than previously and not falling into the traps we faced before”.


EArise found the right words to engage people and then make it easy and very quick. Their dual focus on customers and “the minimum viable” is very accurate and efficient.


Thank you to the team who supported us these 2 critical months”