Innovative methods

Innovative methods

EArise Consulting innovative tools and methods

Innovative pedagogy

Some examples:

  • 5 squares: puzzle game to improve listening, communication and cooperation skills
  • Rope: to experiment interdependence
  • Thiaggi games: to better know each other
  • PCM: to open mind on differences between people : different needs, behaviors…
  • Blazon: reinforce intimacy within a group by working on values
  • Drawing and building together: draw together the vision, the strategy, build our cooperation with pictures…
  • Cooking class: to reinforce cooperation

Some examples:

  • Kapla, lego to work on leadership and project management
  • Company own project game boards
  • Customer first: game for customer focus
  • Tailor-made games on computer or game boards

The global process of learning is enriched: before the training, during the training, between the sessions and after the training.

Videos, documents to read, questionnaire, use cases, testimonials, e-learning, quizz… will contribute to make the training sessions more attractive and efficient.

Tailor-made role plays, build with the clients, according to their activity and purpose.

Innovative tools

  • Process Com: The purpose is to improve communication and management abilities. Used by NASA for its flight teams.
    PCM describes 6 types of personalities, with 6 different perceptions of the world, 6 different types of need and 6 different behaviors under pressure.
    This approach allow people to better know themselves and better understand the others. They learn to detect the first signs of stress in order to decrease it.

  • Lifestyle Assessment: Better manage stress, enhance recovery, be more efficient and fulfilled at work. Used on people under pressure, or part of a wellness or retaining or cooperation or change management program.
    People are monitored during 48 hours by high tech sensors. Data are analyzed by sophisticated software, dashboards are produced. 1 hour feedback by a specialist allow people to draw an action plan to better balance their lives.

  • Leadership & Management games:
    • We provide 2 online games. One dedicated to leadership, the other dealing with cross-cultural differences and leadership.
    • You can also ask for a cooperation table game, to commit your teams to better work together.
    • And we design and help you create serious games to apply cultural principles, management spirit, process standards.
    • One of the main assets of all these games is that you play it, you directly learn, and there is no longer need for long session or theories.
  • Visioning: build a shared vision, align vision and actions in the field and get committed people around the same goals.
    A combination of creative tools and a structured approach allow to work and align the different levels of vision, from vocation to actions plans.

  • Organizational diagnosis and decision tool: the purpose is to make an overall diagnosis about the process, the leadership and the relationships in a company… to find the main lever to improve performance, strength, resistance and fluidity.
    Based on in-depth interviews of the different stakeholders, this approach is light, global, systemic and internationally recognized; it is based on Eric Berne’s organizations theory.

  • Crisis management online simulation: a very powerful game to better manage a crisis. Teams play with a computer, role plays involve every stakeholder, timing is obviously a huge constraint… all ingredients to give you pressure and train you on the better response!
  • Change management simulation: we create specific change management simulations. Based on your environment, considering your challenges and your own data and organisation, we create a simulation of real life. Well appreciated by people, managers and teams, to work on change management the closest possible to their reality. The simulation takes usually 2 to 4 hours, regarding complexity of the scenario. We embed it in a team-building, a seminar or a day workshop. Up to 40 people can play at the same time… and even more if you ask too
  • TOC: Theory of Constraints.
    How to think about your company differently and focus on the right leverages for great performance.
    This very new tool is now deployed in many companies among the Fortune 500 et the best Japanese companies. Very powerful, we work on it with different games, as well as real examples, and stories (Bernie’s story for Buffer, Drums, Rope).
  • CCPM: Critical Chain Project Management.
    A one-day game and a half-a-day one, allow you to become familiar with this methodology based on risks and collective stakes sharing. The games help trainees understand the fundamentals, develop skills and abilities, practice without stakes or risks… before going back to the true life with high expertise, methodology and tools.
  • Project Management: board games, online games, customized games (we did more than 20), are options you can easily activate when it’s time for you to improve your PM knowledge or the project team skills. We also use Kapla, Lego, or other concrete raw materials to engage your team build a project as a team. We address the fundamentals, the Gantt chart, the costs, the risks, project team-bonding, in different games to make things easier to get at the end of the day.
  • Industrial games: 3 to 5 teams a year we are solicited to create customized games you will roll-out in your environment. Based on real data, process, organization, these games talk about production, supply chain, SIM, logistics, and much more. They are specially designed for you and belong your intellectual property.
  • Customer focus: Customer focus programs involve a change of mentality and habits, 2 very hard topics to change. We build specific board games to help you collectively develop new habits and customer mindset. Usually based on Cluedo rules, Trivial Pursuit or Q&A, we create the question cards based on real customer issues you face. Teams need to find the right solution, work together, think different and focus on clients.
    Organized during trainings or seminars, they often come with a video from the Top Level of your company and when possible Client video, so give more power and help alignment.